Premiere 29/03/2023, Bellevue Amsterdam.

Choreographer/dancer Robin Nimanong, musician/dancer Clara Cozzolino, dancer Phapbi Ngo and Lux Nautilus explore the theme of evolution and the future of humanity in a mesmerizing speculative performance.

Cyborg DNA recreates human measurements in an unfathomable scale, closer to the truth. A futuristic performance installation with digital art, modular music and contemporary dance. A hypersensitive, hypnotising cyber undergoing of infinite progress.

I worked closely together with Robin on the philosophy, the appearance and the timeline of the performance. As a performer, but especially as a creator of generative and interactive images.

Cyborg DNA at Felix Merites, Amsterdam

Performances in 2023:
11/02    Crea, Amsterdam
18/02    Vrijburcht, Amsterdam
02/03    Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem
29/03    Bellevue, Amsterdam (premiere)
14/04    Zaal 100, Amsterdam, Jardin Rouge Festival
19/04    The Place, Londen (UK), Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest
26/05    Felix Merites, Amsterdam
9,10,13/09   Fringe Festival, Tempel, Amsterdam
29/09    van Gogh museum, Amsterdam
04/11    Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht