Are We There Yet?

 Evolution is messy. There is no purpose. There are only amplified errors and time. In the absence of a blueprint, some beautiful, complex organisms ended up with some serious construction flaws.

Humans are just as much in the making as any creature around or before us. We will either die out or evolve into something else. This is nothing new.

But here’s the thing that is new; for the very first time, the element of choice is introduced. With the development of genetics and artificial intelligence, evolution will not be random but intentional. We find ourselves in a unique moment in time; for the first time we managed to get hold of tools to alter the evolutionary process. This means we have a responsibility to future life, while becoming obsolete ourselves.

‘Are We There Yet?’ is a physical installation in a real world space. It has visuals, sound, a certain pace and specific dimensions. It doesn’t have length, a beginning or an end. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. You can come back later if you wish. You are encouraged to walk around or sit down.

What you see in this installation is not a movie but a live render. Images are being drawn on the screen over and over again. Some of these graphics are based on natural mechanics, like the growth pattern of plants. In every scene there is room for a small amount of randomness. Movement, color, size and shape are altered by external factors. This can be a noise generator, a reaction to sound or to a sensor.

‘Are We There Yet?’ was selected for the ‘It’s In Our Nature’
exhibition at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 2021.

Is your nose migrating to the top of your head?
Do you miss your gills sometimes?
Do you feel your fingers grow?

‘Are We There Yet ?’ tells us about evolution through three stories; that of the whale, the virus and AI. It will remind us, the humans, about our place in evolution and ecology. It will help us shed our human-centered view. 
Listen to their stories narrated by Loveday Smith;

You can read the more elaborate text as it was published in the explanatory notes here.
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‘Are We There Yet?’
at Springplank Festival,
Utrecht, 2021