Lux Nautilus

I am a graphic designer in the broader definition, eager for new tools, skills and knowledge. 
I am always contemplating, asking why.
Why - as in how come.
Why - as in with what purpose.
Imagining a future or a different past, zooming in and out. Important topics in my work are time, evolution and consciousness.
The works of Daniel C. Dennett and Liu Cixin greatly inspired me.
I am based in Amsterdam, NL.

Graphic Design, BA
University of the Arts Utrecht
Graduated 2021

Adobe CS, Touchdesigner, Blender.
Photography, Animation, Drawing, Screenprinting.
Set & Light design, performance technology, soundscaping.
Woodwork, needlework, electronics.
Creative coding.  

RUIS, Sexyland, Amsterdam 2019
ARCHIVE LIVE, Academie Galerie, Utrecht 2019
DE-CENTER RE-CENTER, Filmcafé, Utrecht 2020
HKU Exposure 2021, Kapitaal Utrecht
Springplank Festival Utrecht, 2021
‘It’s in our Nature’ exhibition as part of 
Dutch Design Week 2021, Eindhoven

Cross Disciplinairy
Visuals and interactivity for performances ‘Bodyscan223’ (2021) and ‘Cyborg DNA’ (2022) with Robin Nimanong
Interaction & Performance ‘Tactology Lab’ at Rewire Festival 2022,
the Grey Space in the Middle, Den Haag

Lux Nautilus

is an alter ego of Saskia de Vries

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